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Lipomatic Fat Removal

Lipomatic, which is made with a lipomatic device and known as Infrasonic Tickle Liposuction, is applied using the latest technologies. General anesthesia is not required in this procedure, which is much more advantageous than other fat removal applications. It can be applied easily using local anesthesia and without any risk of complications.

How is Fat Removal Performed with Lipomatic Method? 

Before proceeding to liposuction with lipomatic, a general examination is performed. In this process, how much fat will be taken from which region is also calculated. After the surgeon criticizes general anesthesia local anesthesia, Lipomatic procedure is started. Lipomatic, which is a vibrating device that is used to remove fat, works with low frequency sound waves that cannot be heard by believers. During the process, the fat in the problematic area is melted. Have a more lively and body body after fat removal with the Lipomatic device that does not give the body structure in any way. The application is completed by pulling the fat tightened before the process with a vacuum device at the last stage.

Post Lipomatic Recovery

 Lipomatic, where more adipose tissue can be removed compared to classical liposuction operations, does not harm the skin after liposuction aesthetics. Therefore, there is a much shorter recovery period compared to other applications. Nevertheless, a corset should be used for a certain period of time according to the doctor's advice for precautionary purposes. This situation is to prevent the skin from sagging completely.Sort by lipomatic to fat ratio. Everyday living spaces between 1 and 5 days in writing, the doctor should begin exercise exercise exercises. The same is true for the continuation process.

Who Can Have Lipomatic?

 Lipomatic, which appeals to a serious audience, can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 and with good general health. This method, which does not require general anesthesia, is also ideal for male patients. Generally, male patients suffering from gynecomastia can be treated with Lipomatic in a short time. Since the glandular tissues in the breasts can be removed with this device, it should not be forgotten that men are also satisfied after the operation.This procedure can be successfully performed on the abdomen, neck, arms, chest, legs, hips, hips and waist. Thanks to a highly sensitive device, the degreasing operation always gives successful and good results.

What are the Differences Between Lipomatic and Laser Liposuction?

Lipomatic method is a much newer application than Laser Liposuction. While the recovery period is long in Laser Liposuction, it is much shorter in Lipomatic. Moreover, the amount of fat to be removed in Laser Liposuction is limited. In addition, side effects such as bleeding, burn marks and bruising can be seen in Laser Liposuction. However, there is no risk of any effect or complication in Lipomatic.

Lipomatic Fat Removal Advantages

Lipomatic, which offers a much faster healing process than all fat removal methods applied before lipomatic, ensures that fat is removed from problematic areas homogeneously and equally. On the other hand, since the operation is performed with a sensitive device, tissues such as veins, muscles and nerves are not damaged. Naturally, it is an extremely successful and comfortable method.Lipomatic, which increases the amount of collagen under the skin, minimizes body sagging. Lipomatic, which is also used to eliminate the appearance of cellulite in the hip area of ​​women, is one of the technologies with the least side effects. In this procedure, which provides a short return to normal life, fat removal can also be performed for candidates who are not suitable for general anesthesia. As a result, while sagging in the fat removed area is minimized, you can easily contribute to the regional slimming process without encountering a negative situation.

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